Things to Do in San Francisco: Stuff Vintage and a Dog Park

Dog Park San Francisco

When you are a dog owner in a big city finding places to take your dog is like a treasure hunt. When I find a dog park that is gated I squeal with joy on the inside. I love that I can take Duke of his leash and let him run around. If you are sensing that I am one of “Those” dog owners, you are RIGHT. I am totally one of those dog owners that treats their dog like my child. I know its a little crazy and I’m sorry, I just love to watch him have a great time and be so dang happy. I’ll get back on track though, There is a dog park across the street from this amazing warehouse of vintage/thrift/flea market like shop called, “Stuff” And let me tell you, there is a lot of STUFF in Stuff. <– see what I did there?

So we ran around the Dog Park for a few minutes(it is also right next to the skate park) and then walked across the street to peruse inside Stuff.

I will warn you that much of it is super over priced and expensive, mainly the furniture. Each stall is owned/rented by a different person selling their wares(I really wanted to say stuff again, but like, common, I had to come up with a different word), and so the prices are based on what each person thinks their items are worth. With that being said, I did find a few stalls that were CRAZY expensive and a few that were reasonable.  It is still worth a look, and they’ve got a parking lot if you would like to park your car and load it up with…..wait for it….STUFF. 🙂


Oh and did I mention, Dogs are Welcome! I asked Cody to make his, “OK are we done yet?” face… It looks really authentic… almost so authentic that I think he really was thinking, “Common Pam… LETS GO”DSCF1914


Sorry there aren’t more pictures… I think I got a little overwhelmed.


A Trip to The Flea Market

alameda flea market

The Alameda Point Antiques Faire or as its usually called The Alameda Flea Market is by far the largest flea market in the San Francisco bay area.

Regardless of which flea market you are going to, there are few tips that are very useful when going to a huge flea market like this.

1. Crowds. Be prepared for crowds, that means lots of slow walking behind slow shoppers. As well as long waits at the bathroom and to get food. My word of advice, show up with a few snacks and water. Otherwise you might end up feeling very cheated halfway through the day after waiting in countless lines.

2. Dress Appropriately. If you live in the bay area then you know to dress in layers. Depending on where you are and what the weather forecast is make sure you are ready to be outside. Wear good shoes, you will be standing all day!

3. The List. This can either make or break your flea market experience; at least for me. When I show up without a list, I spend the first couple of hours walking around looking at things aimlessly. If I do actually make a purchase its usually something random. Then when I get home I always remember the stuff that I actually wanted for a project at home. Bringing a list will save you so much time! I’ve spent wasted flea market trips because I was so overwhelmed and spent most of the day trying to remember the things I needed.

4. Purchasing.  This is a flea market! That means that haggling is completely acceptable. If you ask how much the price of an item is and the seller says $50. Try pausing with a look of concern or say, “Really?”and that can be enought to take some money off the price. If you feel brave, come back with a counter offer and see what happens. Many times the prices are negotiable, especially if you are getting a few items you can try and get a group price for them.

ALSO: Remember once you’ve made your purchase you will have to carry around your purchase for an extended amount of time. Bringing a little cart has saved sore arms and backs the last few visits, otherwise at least bring a durable bag that won’t bust in the middle of your trip.

alameda flea marketalameda flea marketalameda flea marketalameda flea marketalameda flea marketalameda flea market

The Fruits of my most recent Flea Market trip:

flea market buttons fleamarket_candle

I’m really excited to make candles out of the cups and I have a few idea’s brewing for the buttons and crystals.