Things to Do in San Francisco: Stuff Vintage and a Dog Park

Dog Park San Francisco

When you are a dog owner in a big city finding places to take your dog is like a treasure hunt. When I find a dog park that is gated I squeal with joy on the inside. I love that I can take Duke of his leash and let him run around. If you are sensing that I am one of “Those” dog owners, you are RIGHT. I am totally one of those dog owners that treats their dog like my child. I know its a little crazy and I’m sorry, I just love to watch him have a great time and be so dang happy. I’ll get back on track though, There is a dog park across the street from this amazing warehouse of vintage/thrift/flea market like shop called, “Stuff” And let me tell you, there is a lot of STUFF in Stuff. <– see what I did there?

So we ran around the Dog Park for a few minutes(it is also right next to the skate park) and then walked across the street to peruse inside Stuff.

I will warn you that much of it is super over priced and expensive, mainly the furniture. Each stall is owned/rented by a different person selling their wares(I really wanted to say stuff again, but like, common, I had to come up with a different word), and so the prices are based on what each person thinks their items are worth. With that being said, I did find a few stalls that were CRAZY expensive and a few that were reasonable.  It is still worth a look, and they’ve got a parking lot if you would like to park your car and load it up with…..wait for it….STUFF. 🙂


Oh and did I mention, Dogs are Welcome! I asked Cody to make his, “OK are we done yet?” face… It looks really authentic… almost so authentic that I think he really was thinking, “Common Pam… LETS GO”DSCF1914


Sorry there aren’t more pictures… I think I got a little overwhelmed.


Things to do in San Francisco: Billy Goat Hill

billy goat hill

I kept hearing whispers of this Billy Goat Hill, and locals are a little protective of this place. It’s not easy to find and if you are a visiting tourist with limited time, I wouldn’t recommend coming here. It’s a little out of the way but if you live in San Francisco, this place is really fun. There isn’t much else to see here except the swing and when you come you will notice that people only walk to the swing and then come back up. More than likely though  you won’t see anyone.

A swing above the city? HECK YES. It had me a little nervous, but it was so fun! Now I present the pictures:DSCF2026

Here we all are, floating above the city… can you tell I look just a little nervous? DSCF2040

The swing and cityscape makes really fun pictures as well.DSCF2051


Now go! Go Swing!






Happy Birthday Four Barrel

I happened to have Wednesday off work and I didnt want it to go to waste(having a weekday off is SUPER rare). When I heard that Four Barrel was having a 6th Birthday celebration with perks such as: a petting Zoo, Dance Dance Revolution, a photo booth, and FREE COFFEE (not just pour over’s, like EVERYTHING on the menu was free!) I knew I had to go check it out. I hardly ever go to the Mission, so it was a nice little change of scenery. four barrel coffeeThe Petting Zoo was the cutest thing ever!DSCF2008

I just couldn’t get enough of this little guy. His little eye’s were so cute!DSCF2010DSCF2013

The inside was even festive!photoDSCF2067

And of course we had to get photos inside the photo booth 🙂 What silly fun it was, Thanks Four Barrel for letting me snuggle some cute animals, have a good time and drink some delicious coffee. 🙂



Trip to Colorado

I went to Colorado for Christmas, then procrastinated on uploading the images. My tardiness is unacceptable, but hey, it happens right?DSCF0103 DSCF0101 DSCF0123-2

This was my first time witnessing snow fall, isn’t that sad?! I really am a California girl.DSCF0141 DSCF0145

Every trip back to Colorado to see Cody’s family means we make multiple trips to Taco Johns, it is a Cody Favorite.DSCF0179 DSCF0191 DSCF0221 Boys will be boys, they always like to play on big toys, haha this is Cody playing around at his old work and making dust *Cough*DSCF0226

Lily and Cooper are pretty adorable, can’t get enough of these two.DSCF0232DSCF0267My PH100 lesson on high contrast lighting situations, this is a photo fail. I’m not a very good instructor whilst modeling, as you can see.

For any of you currently in California please do a rain dance, I think we need quite a few more days before we are all caught up on this drought!


Dahlia Farm in Oregon

dahlia canby oregon

I’d never really been too interested in flowers, but when I went to the Dahlia Farm it was beyond “just flowers.” Swan Island Dahlia’s in Canby Oregon is a very intense color theory lesson. On the day we went there was some large clouds rolling over after rain and the light was great for picture taking. With the cloud cover the light wasn’t super contrasty for photos. Understanding light is something that gets drilled into your brain in school. So I went a little picture crazy after seeing the beautiful light I was getting. Got some super touristy flower pictures.Dahlia-Farm-Canby-OregonThis is an image that was taken of me, but man the colors turned out so weird, I think the little point and shoot camera couldn’t handle all the colors.dahlia-oregon-farm-7 The mess behind the beauty.

dahlia-oregon-farm-6dahlia-farm-oregon-8The flowers were in bloom and looked beautiful. If you want to plant some Dahlia’s at home, they give you a little pamphlet and you put down the names of your favorite flowers. You can order them but they won’t come until the spring after they have taken all the bulbs from these flowers up and out to ship out. Pretty interesting that the flowers that were growing are going to be their product once the season ends.dahlia-oregon-farm-4


This stop was certainly worth it.