Weekend Snaps No. 2

This weekend was a weekend that could be defined by one word: LAZY.  Here are few highlights though:

I FINALLY got to bring home my new coffee table. I had been bothering Cody to make it for weeks after we had brought the piece of glass for the top home from Builders Resource a few weeks ago. Then finally, after a bit of begging he got all the metal and welded it all together. After a few coats of paint, it was looking completely different. I am so happy and thankful that I’ve got someone to make me amazing things! I think it’s the shining piece in our living room. Our apartment now is home to a couple of pieces that Cody has made: 1, & 2. I am hoping with some more coaxing I can get something that is the likes of any of these in the next month or two. I think I’ll have to keep my fingers AND toes crossed to get this to happen. I would love to do a DIY post on how he made this table but I’m afraid welding is WAY over my head.DSCF2197

I also got a bunch of mending done on some clothes that weren’t fitting me quite right. I brought in a few pairs of jeans and also brought in a jacket that was a little too big on me. I’ve really focused on re-purposing my current wardrobe rather than buying new pieces, with the cooler weather coming soon I am excited to where my *newly* edited jacket.DSCF2204This picture *technically* wasn’t from the weekend but we stopped at this cafe in South Park by our work to get a little breakfast on Friday morning, this is one of the advantages of working together.


There were lots and lots of Duke naps this weekend.  DSCF2177Not much to report from the weekend but what I think those productive weekends-in feel great after a busy week at work.



DIY Cardigan with Fabric Shoulders

I really like adding material to shirts and cardigans, and I’ve been itching to finish this cardigan for weeks now. We’ve ALL done it, you start a project and then something happens and we get distracted and your project sits in a corner for a while. Yea, something like that happened with this project. This doesn’t really require very much sewing skill, I used a sewing machine to do all of the sewing. Though it will be slower, you can hand stitch this as well. DIY cadrigan with fabric

This sweater started out as an old red cardigan that I wasn’t wearing anymore. I decided to try sprucing it up with some fun fabric on the shoulders with the hopes that maybe I’d want to wear it again. I’m pretty satisfied with out it turned out! You’ll need about a yard of fabric, a cardigan, sewing machine (or needle and thread), scissors, pins and something to use to make a template with. DIY materials

I used Interfacing to put over the top of the sweater as a template. I traced what areas I wanted to add fabric  with the fabric pen and cut out the template. TIP: put the sweater on after you’ve pinned your template to the sweater to make sure you’re satisfied with the placement.DSCF1636 DSCF1634

Once I knew what areas I wanted to put fabric on, I was ready to cut my cardigan apart. DSCF1674

You will cut off the neck, the sleeves and you’ll cut the seams at the top of the shoulders. DSCF1640

You will use your template’s to place over the fabric to cut out the fronts and back of the sweater. I kept an inch to two inches excess around the edges so that I could iron over the edges, I am also a huge believe in you can always cut off more if you need too!DSCF1703

(You can click on the above image to see it larger so that you can see all of my notes, sorry for my horrible handwriting!!) I realized it was really hard for me to fully illustrate how to sew this all together, so I am hoping this diagram will help you. I sewed the tops of both of the shoulder pieces together and that made the piece you see in the above picture.

This piece now will be attached to the different parts of the cardigan.  The neckline that you cut away from the sweater will be attached to the half circle part of the fabric. Both sleeves will be attached to the sides, with the top of the sleeves meeting at the shoulder seam. Hopefully the diagram helps you.

I made a HUGE realization after I finished this… I didn’t need to cut the cardigan at ALL! I could’ve just covered the cardigan fabric and attached this to the cardigan rather than cutting it all away. Sometimes the most simple solutions are just staring you in the face so hard that you can’t even see it! Either way you will get the same exact results! DSCF1936

Here is the back of the sweater. I am pretty stoked with how it turned out and even though it took me a couple weeks to actually get through this one, I’m glad I finally finished it! Now I’m dreaming of more cardigan DIY’s