Moving in less than a year

Cody and I just had a long conversation while driving Lucy (our Westfalia) out to a little overnight camping trip for the first time with our new puppy Duke. We talked the whole time about how stoked we were to be leaving once Cody graduated(we actually passed our freeway exit because we were so distracted). We’ll be living in the Westfalia for around a year(or more!) to travel the US. united states map

Since I am the ULTIMATE planner type and Cody is the “go whichever way the wind takes us” type, I think we will even each other out. Since I am the planner I have been staring at the United States map ALOT. Our plan is to leave a few months after Cody is finished with school in December of this year. So we will probably leave in March or April 2015?

We both have a million projects we would like to shoot while we are on our trip. Like portraits, landscapes and architecture. I have a big attraction to old signs and I really want to expand on that. I also have recently been throwing around the idea of writing a travel guide while on the trip. I also want to RAID every thrift store on the way… How could you not want to take full advantage of something so fun!?

It might be just me but I am in love with the open road and all of its possibilities!

What are the must-see places? I could use all the help I can get! In the upcoming months, I’ll be planning and planning… and PLANNING 🙂 You can’t really be TOO prepared can you?

Film scan extravaganza!

I found old film scans from a roadtrip in 2010 and I was pretty excited to see them so I thought I would share them here. This was a trip during our spring break. Myself and a group of photographers went out and explored the Pyramid Lake and Black Rock Desert areas.roadtrip20 roadtrip10 roadtrip6 roadtrip4 roadtrip3 roadtrip1 Img001

I shot stuff with my 50D while on this trip too, and its really crazy the contrast in gritty film to digital capture. I still love film, I can’t give it up.


Nevada Road Trip

I’ve been transferring files from an old hard drive that I suspect is going to quit on me soon and have found an amazing array of old digital files from trips. These are from a trip to the Black Rock Desert and Pyramid lake that I took in 2010._MG_9306

The Playa was vast and beautiful._MG_9291

This is a outtake from a little photo session we did, I thought the smoke looked pretty cool._MG_9232

I still can’t do a hand stand._MG_9122

Pryamid Lake was beautiful and BLM land so we didn’t have to pay to stay here._MG_9077 _MG_9069

We brought a tent and ended up sleeping outside the entire trip.

Hendy Woods State Park camping trip

westfalia vanagon Having all the national parks closed for a couple of weeks wasn’t fun. We skipped camping during the weeks the Natl’ parks were closed to avoid over crowded state parks. Last weekend we went to Hendy Woods State Park to camp in the Westfalia. We brought our friends who camped in our tent. Its always nice to have extra camping stuff so that you can take friends with you camping when you want.

I got to have my most favorite camp snack while we were there. The banana smore!

For anyone who hasn’t had one, here’s how it works.

Take a banana and peel away one side, on the inside of the curve of the banana. Carve out some of the banana (and eat that!) to make a little trough to hold marshmallows and chocolate. I usually use chocolate chips if I happen to have some at home.

Once you’ve filled the hollowed out section of the banana with marshmallows and chocolate you put the flap of skin back over that part of the banana. Then wrap foil around the whole thing and put it by the fire. I usually leave it for 3 minutes and turn it with the other side facing toward the fire for a few more and then pull it out and EAT! SO GOOD!hendy-woods-state-parkWe stopped at lots of places on our drive to and from the campground.

antique-store redwood-logs-wood redwood-logs apple-stand-boxesWe got lots of fruit, apple cider and antique shopping done on our drive.

My friend had been invited to a concert on Mt Tam just off a hiking trail, the views while driving up Mt Tam were amazing!mt-tam-view

I have a few more pictures from the concert to come in a following post!

Dahlia Farm in Oregon

dahlia canby oregon

I’d never really been too interested in flowers, but when I went to the Dahlia Farm it was beyond “just flowers.” Swan Island Dahlia’s in Canby Oregon is a very intense color theory lesson. On the day we went there was some large clouds rolling over after rain and the light was great for picture taking. With the cloud cover the light wasn’t super contrasty for photos. Understanding light is something that gets drilled into your brain in school. So I went a little picture crazy after seeing the beautiful light I was getting. Got some super touristy flower pictures.Dahlia-Farm-Canby-OregonThis is an image that was taken of me, but man the colors turned out so weird, I think the little point and shoot camera couldn’t handle all the colors.dahlia-oregon-farm-7 The mess behind the beauty.

dahlia-oregon-farm-6dahlia-farm-oregon-8The flowers were in bloom and looked beautiful. If you want to plant some Dahlia’s at home, they give you a little pamphlet and you put down the names of your favorite flowers. You can order them but they won’t come until the spring after they have taken all the bulbs from these flowers up and out to ship out. Pretty interesting that the flowers that were growing are going to be their product once the season ends.dahlia-oregon-farm-4


This stop was certainly worth it.