DIY Holiday Wreath

DSCF2748 DSCF2740

I decided it was about time that I got into the Holiday spirit so, I picked up a bunch of greenery to make a wreath with. I ended up buying far more greenery than I needed. I used a 14″ wreath frame, 18 gauge wire, greenery shears, wire cutters and gloves.

DSCF2750 DSCF2749

I was pretty grateful for the gloves, the branches had a lot of splinters that were tearing apart my hands.DSCF2751

This was the first wreath I attempted to make and while I’m no expert, after you sort of get started you easily see how it all comes together as you build on top of each other.DSCF2758DSCF2767 DSCF2764


I am so sad, this is my wreath after the downpour we had in the city… now it’s a very droopy looking wreath.DSCF2782

oh well, with the rest of the week forecasting rain, there is no reason to try and fix it, I’ll just live with the imperfection.

Welp, Happy Holidays!


DIY: How to Drill a hole in a rock

I’ve been collecting rocks from each of my trips for years. Recently I’ve found that I have a lot of piles of rocks around my house and I don’t really want look like a crazy rock lady anymore 🙂

I’ve wanted to figure out drilling into rocks for awhile, I’m thinking some new jewelry pieces are in my future soon?


rock drilling

I have this Dremel and I Purchased this Diamond Core Drill bit to drill into the rock. diamond core drill

The key is to drill with the rock submerged in a bit of water, so that it doesn’t over heat. The drill bit is specifically made for drilling out the core and didn’t require very much pressure to get through about an inch of rock. I would say each hole took less than 5 minutes to get through.dremel drilling rock

drilled rock

I’m pretty excited to start experimenting with drilling into more rocks and making some new necklaces or maybe a cool wall hanging?! I feel like the ideas are endless, what else could I make?