Mt Tam Nature Concert


My friend was invited to a concert on Mt Tam, just off a hiking trail. She had directions that she had printed out that explained what to look for on the trail. It was off the main trail, through lots of grass and behind trees. It was supposed to go until sunset and we were SO SO late. We were driving back from camping for the weekend and just didn’t time out our day well enough, but once we started making it toward the hiking trail there was no point in stopping. We were unsure if the concert was still going but after we had been hiking for awhile and turned off the main path we heard the soft hum of music behind a grove of trees.

mt-tam-trail-sunsetThere was warm light all over the grass, and the fog rolling in over the ocean. It was amazing

We made it in time to hear the last song and sit with everyone who attended to watch the sun set over the ocean.

It was a pretty amazing experience and I can say it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The hike back in the dark was interesting, especially since someone thought they saw a mountain lion roaming close to the trail.

We made it back to the van safely and made our way home, feeling the warm glow of the sun on my skin.

It was an great weekend.

Hendy Woods State Park camping trip

westfalia vanagon Having all the national parks closed for a couple of weeks wasn’t fun. We skipped camping during the weeks the Natl’ parks were closed to avoid over crowded state parks. Last weekend we went to Hendy Woods State Park to camp in the Westfalia. We brought our friends who camped in our tent. Its always nice to have extra camping stuff so that you can take friends with you camping when you want.

I got to have my most favorite camp snack while we were there. The banana smore!

For anyone who hasn’t had one, here’s how it works.

Take a banana and peel away one side, on the inside of the curve of the banana. Carve out some of the banana (and eat that!) to make a little trough to hold marshmallows and chocolate. I usually use chocolate chips if I happen to have some at home.

Once you’ve filled the hollowed out section of the banana with marshmallows and chocolate you put the flap of skin back over that part of the banana. Then wrap foil around the whole thing and put it by the fire. I usually leave it for 3 minutes and turn it with the other side facing toward the fire for a few more and then pull it out and EAT! SO GOOD!hendy-woods-state-parkWe stopped at lots of places on our drive to and from the campground.

antique-store redwood-logs-wood redwood-logs apple-stand-boxesWe got lots of fruit, apple cider and antique shopping done on our drive.

My friend had been invited to a concert on Mt Tam just off a hiking trail, the views while driving up Mt Tam were amazing!mt-tam-view

I have a few more pictures from the concert to come in a following post!

Utah’s Paria Slot Canyon: Day Hike

paria slot canyon utah

The last time I drove out on a 7 day road trip to Utah, the canyons in Utah were my main destination. I wanted to explore the canyons and search for a good place to come back and do a backpacking trip.

Paria Canyon has many slot canyons and while we just did a day hike it can also can be done as a multi-day backpacking trip. When we were here we went to the Wire Pass trailhead and hiked in to get a taste of the canyons. It was amazing. It made me feel so small surrounded by gigantic rock formations. The trail is an easy level walk on sandy ground. At some points the canyon walls come close together and I had to turn sidewards to make it through. I loved this adventure.paria canyon utah paria canyon utah paria canyon utah paria canyon utah

That night we camped at Stateline Campground. utah-stateline-campground

Hopefully some time next year we will get back over to Utah to backpack. So stoked to do this hike, the slot canyons are amazing.


Hiking to Alamere Falls

I love a hike with a reward at the end. The hike to Alamere Falls is one of those trails. The drive out to the trailhead is unpaved for the last 1.5 miles. I actually ended up getting a flat tire from a large screw piercing my tire, luckily it didn’t go flat until later in the day after I had driven back to San Francisco.

The trail goes along the coast line and turns away from the coast and passes Bass Lake. On a sunny day you can see a number of people swimming and riding a rope swing into the lake. Bass Lake is a popular stop because of its great swimming and rope swing. Dropping by here will be a much warmer swim then the ocean. You’ll pass a second lake and then a half mile after that you will come to the falls. They fall across several cliffs and down into the ocean.


You can make your way down to the beach but the trail is crumbling with loose rocks. It looks like it is going to continue to get worse with erosion and time.


The falls from the bottom are really beautiful.


Had so much fun hiking to the falls.


Tip: Wear layers when hiking this trail, the coastal winds can get very strong on some days.



Adventuring to Knights Ferry

Central California has some pretty interesting little towns. Whenever I go for a drive I tend to make a lot of mini pit stops to shoot pictures. While driving out to Knights Ferry for the day I stopped and shot some old buildings. I really love historic landmarks and abandoned places, there’s such a rich history to discover.old church

This church was in fairly good condition, so it may still be used. It was out on the end of a dirt road and had an old cemetery surrounding it.



My favorite part of going places is the drive there.