DIY Holiday Wreath

DSCF2748 DSCF2740

I decided it was about time that I got into the Holiday spirit so, I picked up a bunch of greenery to make a wreath with. I ended up buying far more greenery than I needed. I used a 14″ wreath frame, 18 gauge wire, greenery shears, wire cutters and gloves.

DSCF2750 DSCF2749

I was pretty grateful for the gloves, the branches had a lot of splinters that were tearing apart my hands.DSCF2751

This was the first wreath I attempted to make and while I’m no expert, after you sort of get started you easily see how it all comes together as you build on top of each other.DSCF2758DSCF2767 DSCF2764


I am so sad, this is my wreath after the downpour we had in the city… now it’s a very droopy looking wreath.DSCF2782

oh well, with the rest of the week forecasting rain, there is no reason to try and fix it, I’ll just live with the imperfection.

Welp, Happy Holidays!


Weekend Snaps No. 2

This weekend was a weekend that could be defined by one word: LAZY.  Here are few highlights though:

I FINALLY got to bring home my new coffee table. I had been bothering Cody to make it for weeks after we had brought the piece of glass for the top home from Builders Resource a few weeks ago. Then finally, after a bit of begging he got all the metal and welded it all together. After a few coats of paint, it was looking completely different. I am so happy and thankful that I’ve got someone to make me amazing things! I think it’s the shining piece in our living room. Our apartment now is home to a couple of pieces that Cody has made: 1, & 2. I am hoping with some more coaxing I can get something that is the likes of any of these in the next month or two. I think I’ll have to keep my fingers AND toes crossed to get this to happen. I would love to do a DIY post on how he made this table but I’m afraid welding is WAY over my head.DSCF2197

I also got a bunch of mending done on some clothes that weren’t fitting me quite right. I brought in a few pairs of jeans and also brought in a jacket that was a little too big on me. I’ve really focused on re-purposing my current wardrobe rather than buying new pieces, with the cooler weather coming soon I am excited to where my *newly* edited jacket.DSCF2204This picture *technically* wasn’t from the weekend but we stopped at this cafe in South Park by our work to get a little breakfast on Friday morning, this is one of the advantages of working together.


There were lots and lots of Duke naps this weekend.  DSCF2177Not much to report from the weekend but what I think those productive weekends-in feel great after a busy week at work.



DIY: Scroll Art Frame (that doesn’t damage the print!)



I recently made a new art purchase that I am super excited about. I bought this print by Heisuke Kitazawa after immediately falling in love with the work on his website. My Alex Pardee print had been hanging in my living room for awhile, but presentation wise, it was being mistreated with thumb tacks at each of the corners as seen in earlier posts.

So I decided to give them a little upgrade and I couldn’t be more happy with the results! DSCF2105Here are all the tools that I used to put these little hanging scrolls together. I didn’t want to mess up the prints at all, I had been hanging the Alex Pardee print by placing thumbs tacks around the edge but not piercing the print. I really wanted to showcase the prints but I didn’t have a budget to get frames made for them because they aren’t a standard frame size. So I went with this scroll idea and it turned out great.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Molding from a hardware store I got half round molding but there are lots of other choices if you wanted to get a little more decorative.
  • Scissors
  • rope or string. I used thin white string but you can also get fancy with this and use something else.
  • pencil
  • hacksaw
  • Scotch Foam Tape
  • Tape Measurer
  • clip (to help hold the print in place while wrapping the string

DSCF2107There are 2 pieces of molding on the top and 2 pieces on the bottom of the print, you will sandwich the print in between the two pieces of molding. You’ll want to measure the width of the print and add 3 to 4 extra inches. This is your preference if you want longer edges of the wood sticking out from each side. I measured 3 1/2 extra inches and cut 4 pieces.

TIP: once you have cut one piece, use that piece to measure the next piece and you’ll have more accurate measurements for when the two pieces are sandwiched together. If you want you can use a little sandpaper here to clean up the edges if you had a rough cut.

DSCF2111Next pair up the pieces of wood and decide which will fact the front of the print, I chose the pieces of wood that had less scuffs and marks for the front.

The 2 front pieces will get foam tape on them. ONLY PEEL OFF ONE SIDE OF THE FOAM TAPE. If you can find foam tape that isn’t double sided that would be ideal. You don’t want to foam tape sticking to your print, just to the wood. The foam tape is there to help hold the print in between the wood. You want to leave 2 inches on each end of the wood with no foam tape, this helps for a tighter sandwich when you wrap the string around.

When you wrap the string around the wood, wrap as tight as you can. Because we didn’t put foam tape all the way to the edge, you’ll be able to get a tighter grip around the print so that is doesn’t slip from in between the wood. This was the trickiest part. I used a clip to hold the print to the two pieces of wood.

TIP: This will be REALLY TRICKY if you haven’t let your print flatten out as it will try to curl the whole time. I made that mistake with this print and It took me 3 times as long to get the wood to stay, so save yourself the craziness and let the print sit on a flat surface with some books on it for a day so that it flattens out before you attempt this.

DSCF2112 DSCF2115


Once you’ve got the wood secured to the print, you’ll want to start wrapping the string around the ends as tightly as you can.DSCF2116

Once you’ve completed it on all 4 ends you’ll take a length of string and tie it to each side of the top and it is ready for hanging. I used the same upholstery tacks that I’ve recently fell in love with for hanging things on the wall. Such as the Book Shelf I made a couple weeks ago. Easy, right?! **pats self on back**


If you’re in the San Francisco area and you want to learn more about upcoming events like the Edgar Wright one, check out one of Jesse Hawthorne Ficks (One of my amazing instructors from the academy!) Midnites For Maniacs events. They happen each month in the historic Castro Theater, and are a ton of fun! 🙂



DIY: Painted Sneakers

Sneakers and I make a good pair (Pun intended). I made another pair of sneakers, and I’m pretty impressed with the outcome.



I used Acrylic Fabric Paint and Martha Stewart Fabric Medium. I mixed 1/4 fabric medium to 3/4 paint. Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 9.21.32 PM

To add the small drawings I used a white paint pen and drew small triangles in a spiral pattern on the sides and top of the sneakers.


I have to admit, I had no idea where I was going with these but now that I have figured out this type of design I am excited to try and make more with paint pen design accents on them.

Now I just keep asking myself, what other amazing sneakers can I create?


DIY: How to Drill a hole in a rock

I’ve been collecting rocks from each of my trips for years. Recently I’ve found that I have a lot of piles of rocks around my house and I don’t really want look like a crazy rock lady anymore 🙂

I’ve wanted to figure out drilling into rocks for awhile, I’m thinking some new jewelry pieces are in my future soon?


rock drilling

I have this Dremel and I Purchased this Diamond Core Drill bit to drill into the rock. diamond core drill

The key is to drill with the rock submerged in a bit of water, so that it doesn’t over heat. The drill bit is specifically made for drilling out the core and didn’t require very much pressure to get through about an inch of rock. I would say each hole took less than 5 minutes to get through.dremel drilling rock

drilled rock

I’m pretty excited to start experimenting with drilling into more rocks and making some new necklaces or maybe a cool wall hanging?! I feel like the ideas are endless, what else could I make?