DIY Shoes & Baking

I like to take advantage of time when I am home and working on things, so usually I have several things going on at once. There is ALWAYS a TV show(lately I have been catching up on House) or a Radio Show(This American Life ALWAYS) Playing in the background. But why not listen to a radio show, make a fun new DIY AND Bake something? All those wasted minutes while a treat is baking in the oven can surely be used for some quality handcrafting time, right?! Well These pictures sum up how I used my time.DSCF1676__1 DSCF1678_1

I made Gluten Free Rice Krispie & Chocolate Chex Marshmallow Treats using Dandies, my favorite Vegan marshmallow. Here is the recipe I used from Fettle Vegan. Instead I did 2 cups rice Krispie’s and 3 cups Chocolate Chex.DSCF1679_1I also made my favorite Gluten Free/Vegan Pumpkin Pie Recipe that never ceases to amaze me. I really like to slice it in thin bread-like slices and warm it with a little agave or butter on top….Yum! I also made a new pair of shoes using a pair of white sneakers, acrylic paint and a paint pen, it was time consuming but totally fun.DSCF1687_1I got the white sneakers at Target and they have elastic in them so you don’t need to have laces in them!DSCF1692_1 Happy Friday!



Braided Rug DIY


I saw this post on A Beautiful Mess about making your own handmade rug. First, let me just say, this DIY isn’t for the faint of heart, it took a REALLY LONG TIME! I knew there would be lots of braiding so I had an Arrested Development marathon and got to braiding. I didn’t do all the braiding for the rug in one sitting, I spread it out over the course of a few days. Making the braids was easy during a TV watching marathon and pretty fun. Just be prepared to spend some time working on it.

braided_rug_DIYI selected some fabrics to use and cut them all into long strips. I purchased some very sturdy grey canvas to use for the bottom of the rug. I cut it to size and then made the braids to that length. After I finished making enough braids to cover the canvas I realized that I had made a few in varied lengths. So before I glued them to the canvas, I hand sewed one side of the braids and then glued them to the canvas. I did the gluing outside as the adhesive was very smelly. It took about 4 hours to dry.


braided_rug_DIY  braided rug DIYMy stitches to attach the braids were not very even… but they got the job done!

braided rug DIYOnce I had the braids all glued I sewed down the braids to hold them to the canvas. Then I cut the braids evenly.

Braided rug craftsOnce all the braids were cut to even lengths on the ends I un-braided them down to the stitches.

I’ve had the rug in my kitchen for a month now and it’s holding on strong!

This rug is in my kitchen with good company: my IKEA Hack Kitchen Island, my lovely homemade spice rack and my adorable pup

I really enjoy DIY’s that I can do during a TV marathon, but I always end up running out of shows to watch!


Candle Making – 2 Ways – Part 2

Candle Making Part 1

After I made the tea cup candles from wax from an unscented candle, I wanted to try to get real wax. I ordered my wax and wicks and recieved 10lbs of ‘Natural Soy Wax’ chips. Its a lot of wax, but it was pretty cheap so if you really like making candles order it. I also ordered a bag of 96 wicks! It will take me a long time to go through all of these, but I have a lot of ideas for them.

essential oils candle makingI use essential oils for several things at home but I decided to try making a scented candle with them. I found this forum on aromatherapy mixtures pretty helpful. In the forum it also mentions using cloves + Cinnamon and Lime/Lemon + Citrus’ in candles to scent it. This is going to be my next project as I experiment more.

When making candles the forum suggested, “A general rule of thumb for quantities = 1/4 oz of fragrance oil per pound of wax – and 1 teaspoon of essential oil per pound of wax. 1 teaspoon is about 5 ml essential oil – depending on viscosity.”

If you’ve never purchased Essential Oil’s you know that it is expensive and using such a large amount, each of the bottles I have are .5 FL OZ bottles. I was using small white mugs so measuring for these I wasn’t sure. I used 15 drops of each scent (I only used 2 scents per candle). I mixed the Peppermint+Eucalyptus and Tangerine+Lemongrass. For my next candles I will use 25 drops, the scent is very light, but it might be exactly what you want!

double boiler melting candle waxLike I explained in Part 1 of this series, you will make a double boiler in a large pot with a heat safe glass (I used a pyrex measuring cup that I don’t use with food) and bring the water to a boil. Stir the wax in the heat safe cup and when its melted add the essential oils.

You place the wick in the cup with something straight and rigid to hold the wick up. I used pencils; you can also use chopsticks, skewers or pens.candle_dry_Once the wax is melted completely; using oven mitts (its going to be very very hot!!!) pull the glass dish out of the water and pour it into the form you are making a candle from. You have to wait until the mug from the outside is completely cool. Usually takes a couple hours before you remove the pencils from the top.

Chambray custom shirt


There’s probably been 1,000’s of chambray shirt re-do’s… so why not add 1,001?!

I really like the finished product, and it was pretty simple.

I purchased the fabric at the flea market and the shirt at Target.chambray shirt embroidered fabricThe material had a few embroidered designs on it so I just chose the flowers and cut out a strip bigger than the back panel piece that I wanted to attach to. Getting the material to fit right on that area was a little tricky. My advice is just pin it to the shirt and keep cutting away a little bit of the fabric at a time until you have it cut out about an inch to half inch bigger all around. I also used a disappearing ink pen to draw out the edges of the area. I later found out that because my disappearing ink pen is so old (probably 10 years?) the ink never disappeared, but it comes right out with a little water.

I used iron-on fusible web to attach the fabric to the shirt and then used my sewing machine to do a stitch around the edges.

Super simple.

chambray shirt diy


Decoupage Paper Lanterns

I saw this tutorial on customizing paper lanterns and I liked the idea of using mod podge to add something to the lantern. I had been on the lookout for good material and I found some great vintage material at the flea market.

lantern decoupage fabric

I picked a material that had negative space so that it would be easy to cut out shapes, and then put mod podge on the back and attached it to the lantern and covered over the top of it with more mod podge then hung it and let it dry. It took a long time to dry, I ended up leaving it to dry overnight.

decoupage lantern hanging

I’m really diggin’ the way these turned out