Weekend Snaps (Midweek post!)

Weekend Snaps well into the week is a good way to prep for the weekend! Right? That makes up for this post being late doesn’t it? I am working on some projects at home but none of them have finished yet so hopefully I’ll have some completed projects to report about soon and I am ACTUALLY going camping this weekend! *GASP* The last few months work has been crazy and my weekends have been completely full so finding time to go camping has been tough. But its happening guys! So I will surely have the trip to report on next week… Look at me making lofty promises.

Well on with the pictures. I went to the flea market again this weekend, its turning into a weekend tradition. I didn’t buy anything, however I did get a super sweet tarnished cup and spoon set for my boss… he is like the KING of tarnished props. Check out these first signs of Autumn here in San Francisco. It has been really pretty down the tree lined streets with all of the multicolored leaves.  I’ve actually been able to wear scarves and sweaters this last week. I think I am ready for Autumn, although for any of you living in San Francisco usually that means it will soon be our Summer… Although this last summer season was really weird so this Autumn might throw us all for a loop too.DSCF2207 DSCF2233

Who doesn’t love more pictures of Duke? The city put in this cool little park right by Kezar stadium with this wave bench made out of a single log… Duke seemed to like it. (Actually it took us a while to get him to just hangout there and let me take a photo, which he should be used to by now.) Since they redid this little piece of land there have been tons of dogs and dog owners bringing their dogs to play fetch and run around. If there is a piece of open land anywhere in the city, Dogs will be there, it is just how it goes.DSCF2253

This is a little street snap that I took just off Bryant St. I have been wanting to photograph the back of that billboard for AGES. I finally took a photo the other day when the lighting seemed pretty. My Tumblr is where I post all of my street snaps and other fun shots of my day to day if you want to see more.




Inspired By: David Maisel

There is something about David Maisel’s work that has always stuck with me. I was first exposed to his “Library of Dust” project while in school. His attention to detail and the selected subject matter felt very personal to me. Each of these objects were shot in a very scientific way, with their solid black backgrounds and even wash of light over each of the canisters. These photographs weren’t about the photos but the objects in the photos, and Maisel doesn’t try to distract from each of them with fancy lighting or shallow depth of field, he lets each of these objects shine on their own. After reading the artist statement for this work, I felt that these urns were shot with a respect and dignity that the people hadn’t been granted with a traditional burial setting.

I have gone back to look at his works many times since I discovered him and have found a new source of inspiration each time. I believe it is SO important as an artist and human really to find sources of inspiration or enlightenment to keep yourself fulfilled and happy.David Maisel

His newest work “The Fall” are aerial landscape photographs. Aerial photography is something that Maisel has done with many previous projects and this project is so inspiring to me. The work doesn’t appear to be landscape photography but they are representative of abstract paintings. His attraction to design and angles is something that I really admire. I’ve been looking at his work lately to find inspiration in a new project that I’ve been brainstorming lately.

David MaiselStaying inspired is something I always have to work HARD at especially when life is really busy. I really hope that you found this inspiring, or its made you remember what inspires you.


Weekend Snaps

Who doesn’t love a long weekend?! Here are some pictures of how I spent my long weekend 🙂Uhaul with snakes

We helped my boss and his wife move into their new home on Saturday. Check out our Uhaul with snakes on it. DSCF2070It turns out that I am not very helpful when moving, but I did direct pretty well. I think I should start weight lifting so I can help lift heavy furniture next time.DSCF2082

I checked out San Francisco Zine Fest on Saturday, I had no idea what to expect.San Francisco Zine Fest

I picked up a few Zines and cards while I was there. I haven’t finished reading through them but I’ll add a review if anyone is curious about them. DSCF2092

We stopped in Petsmart and Cody had fun saying hello to all the cats. I could never own a cat, but there are cute sometimesDSCF2097

I thought I would close this with Duke looking majestic as usual. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.


Trip to Colorado

I went to Colorado for Christmas, then procrastinated on uploading the images. My tardiness is unacceptable, but hey, it happens right?DSCF0103 DSCF0101 DSCF0123-2

This was my first time witnessing snow fall, isn’t that sad?! I really am a California girl.DSCF0141 DSCF0145

Every trip back to Colorado to see Cody’s family means we make multiple trips to Taco Johns, it is a Cody Favorite.DSCF0179 DSCF0191 DSCF0221 Boys will be boys, they always like to play on big toys, haha this is Cody playing around at his old work and making dust *Cough*DSCF0226

Lily and Cooper are pretty adorable, can’t get enough of these two.DSCF0232DSCF0267My PH100 lesson on high contrast lighting situations, this is a photo fail. I’m not a very good instructor whilst modeling, as you can see.

For any of you currently in California please do a rain dance, I think we need quite a few more days before we are all caught up on this drought!


Weekend Adventure Roundup!

This weekend was a last minute run around type of weekend. I had lots of last minute shopping to do and it’s finals week for Cody, so we both had plenty to get done.

Here’s a few random images I captured while we were running around.DSCF0055

These robots were at a gallery that we visited. I ended up buying a print and doing a little DIY on the frame, which I’ll post later.DSCF0069

We drove around in Lucy this weekend toting around Cody’s bike to shoot some finals homework.DSCF0054

Lucy overlooking the avenues in San Francisco. This spot is literally right behind our house, you just walk up some stairs to the top and there’s a panoramic view of the entire bay area on a clear day. Everyone calls it the ‘Knuckle’ I have no idea what this park is actually called.DSCF0056

If you are ever in the outer sunset, trouble coffee stickers can be found everywhere. If you are a coffee drinker, I hear they’ve got good stuff. (Seen on 46th and Irving.)

Hope everyone had a good weekend 🙂