Happy Birthday Four Barrel

I happened to have Wednesday off work and I didnt want it to go to waste(having a weekday off is SUPER rare). When I heard that Four Barrel was having a 6th Birthday celebration with perks such as: a petting Zoo, Dance Dance Revolution, a photo booth, and FREE COFFEE (not just pour over’s, like EVERYTHING on the menu was free!) I knew I had to go check it out. I hardly ever go to the Mission, so it was a nice little change of scenery. four barrel coffeeThe Petting Zoo was the cutest thing ever!DSCF2008

I just couldn’t get enough of this little guy. His little eye’s were so cute!DSCF2010DSCF2013

The inside was even festive!photoDSCF2067

And of course we had to get photos inside the photo booth 🙂 What silly fun it was, Thanks Four Barrel for letting me snuggle some cute animals, have a good time and drink some delicious coffee. 🙂



Things to do in San Francisco: Pier 24 Photography


DSCF1448 DSCF1438 DSCF1447 This place isn’t any secret to photographers in San Francisco. Pier 24 is a photography gallery that is on pier 24 in San Francisco.


What makes this place awesome:

1. You have to make a reservation to visit. The benefit? There are never large crowds of tourists. It’s a calm and quiet environment to enjoy some beautiful photos.

2. This place exhibits the legends in photography, they aren’t messin’ around. There is always a good mix of contemporary and classic artists.

3. The location is great, it is near the ferry building just beneath the bay bridge, after you’d had your fill of art you can walk a short distance to grab a bite to eat.


Check out the current exhibit on their website.



Happiness From This Week

This last week has been very very crazy(more at work than at home). I am in my 5th week of riding my brand new Christmas Bike to work:Public Bikes

This picture was snapped on our way home and we stopped to grab some dinner. Daylight savings happened this week and the Morning sunrise bike rides to work have been pretty amazing. Equally amazing is riding home in the evening and it is still light outside. I will admit, I have been pretty sore at the end of the day, but I’m trying to fight through it because riding is so fun! Even on the way home when the whole ride is uphill and my legs want to give out or I laugh so hard when I can’t get off my bike at the end of our ride, I still WANT to ride. It’s been super fun.

This week I also started looking at Art history, specifically painting, and have been really inspired by Baroque Still Life Paintings. For example, this painting entitled, “Vanitas(1640)” by Dutch Golden Age painter; Harmen Steewijck:harmen steewijck

I’ve found that I really love researching and learning new things, I’ve started a new series Inspired by this piece and others in the Baroque period. I’m really enjoying not being in school and feeling rushed to finish a series by the end of a semester.

After over 2 years of living in the Inner Sunset, we just discovered the hidden garden steps:DSCF0714

And it’s only a few blocks from our house! How did we miss this thing, it’s so pretty!

And last, but not least, We rode our bikes to this amazing view in the sunset:DSCF0688

I have to say, I really really do love San Francisco. When we leave to drive across the US in the Westfalia, I am going to try to hold on to all the memories from this place.


Weekend Adventure Roundup!

This weekend was a last minute run around type of weekend. I had lots of last minute shopping to do and it’s finals week for Cody, so we both had plenty to get done.

Here’s a few random images I captured while we were running around.DSCF0055

These robots were at a gallery that we visited. I ended up buying a print and doing a little DIY on the frame, which I’ll post later.DSCF0069

We drove around in Lucy this weekend toting around Cody’s bike to shoot some finals homework.DSCF0054

Lucy overlooking the avenues in San Francisco. This spot is literally right behind our house, you just walk up some stairs to the top and there’s a panoramic view of the entire bay area on a clear day. Everyone calls it the ‘Knuckle’ I have no idea what this park is actually called.DSCF0056

If you are ever in the outer sunset, trouble coffee stickers can be found everywhere. If you are a coffee drinker, I hear they’ve got good stuff. (Seen on 46th and Irving.)

Hope everyone had a good weekend 🙂


San Francisco Summer is here

For anyone who lives in San Francisco, you know about our micro climates. The constant change of sun in the Financial District to cold fog in the sunset is something that most people who live here are prepared for everyday. It BAFFLES tourists when they come, most come with summer shorts and tank tops only to be greeted by clouds and wind in June. There are others who come in mid September or October wearing jackets and boots and are shocked to see 80 degree weather. San Francisco just likes to be silly like the weather sometimes. We recently had a nice big rainstorm which seems to have signaled the end of our San Francisco summer (lots of clouds, wind and cold weather) and welcomed in the sun for the warm fall that we usually get.

For anyone planning to travel to San Francisco, September and October can often times be beautiful which can work in your favor as these aren’t peak times for travelers.

westfalia vanagonHere is our lovely Westy Lucy handling the rain quite well. It was the first time in the season we finally saw the gutters flow with water. It washed a lot of street funk off which was super nice(it can get smelly in some places). We drove out of San Fran for a few hours to the southeast and were welcomed by warm central valley heat.



Goats wanted to welcome us to the nice weather. We also saw a tarantula crossing the road, we immediately stopped and marveled from a distance, so creepy!westfalia-van-puppy

And there is Lucy nestled next to a MUCH bigger RV that belongs to my parents. That adorable little pup is my parents dog Brodie (who I named when I was 18 and obsessed with the Distillers). As you can see the ground is a little wet. The rain followed us out of the Bay Area; when we arrived everyone said we brought the rain with us. Oops.