Happiness From This Week

This last week has been very very crazy(more at work than at home). I am in my 5th week of riding my brand new Christmas Bike to work:Public Bikes

This picture was snapped on our way home and we stopped to grab some dinner. Daylight savings happened this week and the Morning sunrise bike rides to work have been pretty amazing. Equally amazing is riding home in the evening and it is still light outside. I will admit, I have been pretty sore at the end of the day, but I’m trying to fight through it because riding is so fun! Even on the way home when the whole ride is uphill and my legs want to give out or I laugh so hard when I can’t get off my bike at the end of our ride, I still WANT to ride. It’s been super fun.

This week I also started looking at Art history, specifically painting, and have been really inspired by Baroque Still Life Paintings. For example, this painting entitled, “Vanitas(1640)” by Dutch Golden Age painter; Harmen Steewijck:harmen steewijck

I’ve found that I really love researching and learning new things, I’ve started a new series Inspired by this piece and others in the Baroque period. I’m really enjoying not being in school and feeling rushed to finish a series by the end of a semester.

After over 2 years of living in the Inner Sunset, we just discovered the hidden garden steps:DSCF0714

And it’s only a few blocks from our house! How did we miss this thing, it’s so pretty!

And last, but not least, We rode our bikes to this amazing view in the sunset:DSCF0688

I have to say, I really really do love San Francisco. When we leave to drive across the US in the Westfalia, I am going to try to hold on to all the memories from this place.


Trip to Colorado

I went to Colorado for Christmas, then procrastinated on uploading the images. My tardiness is unacceptable, but hey, it happens right?DSCF0103 DSCF0101 DSCF0123-2

This was my first time witnessing snow fall, isn’t that sad?! I really am a California girl.DSCF0141 DSCF0145

Every trip back to Colorado to see Cody’s family means we make multiple trips to Taco Johns, it is a Cody Favorite.DSCF0179 DSCF0191 DSCF0221 Boys will be boys, they always like to play on big toys, haha this is Cody playing around at his old work and making dust *Cough*DSCF0226

Lily and Cooper are pretty adorable, can’t get enough of these two.DSCF0232DSCF0267My PH100 lesson on high contrast lighting situations, this is a photo fail. I’m not a very good instructor whilst modeling, as you can see.

For any of you currently in California please do a rain dance, I think we need quite a few more days before we are all caught up on this drought!


Getting Older

Yesterday I celebrated by 30th Birthday. Even just saying “30” seems like me and that number just don’t go together. There are many stereotypes surrounding turning 30 and that suddenly things are “all down hill from here” but I still feel as young as I did when I was 20. I am very much wiser, confident and brave, but I certainly don’t feel old. I even looked in the mirror yesterday when I woke up to find the slightest wrinkles forming around the outer corners of my eyes and I was like, “WOAH!”

I think there is a stigma surrounding getting older. When I was in my early 20’s thinking about being 30 gave me an odd feeling in my stomach. How would it feel? What would I be doing in my life at that time? I imagined that I would be living in another country shooting documentary photography, raising awareness about a cause that was important to me.

Well, let me tell you something. At 20 my life was very uncertain, I valued different things than I do now. I think at 30 I can comfortably say, “What you see, is what you get.” With Age you start to understand how fast it flies by and there is one thing that money can’t buy and that is more time. I’m certainly not living in a different country but that feeling of traveling the world are still strong feelings I have and I have no doubt that those things will happen in time.

I learned in my 20’s that you don’t have to take too much risk to see great returns. Maybe I have been terribly lucky but in my 20’s I took quite a few leaps of faith; leaps that felt like I was falling and incredibly unstable; until I landed.

One of my nearest and dearest friends told me, “Everything will be fine, it always is.” I believe I have lived by that and told myself that in my head whenever things have begun to look unstable. There will be bumps in the road, that is something you will have to accept. Losing loved ones, tripping on your shoelace, being broke, and losing friends will all happen but it is your reaction to those events that will tell you who you are. I can’t express this enough. Making decisions about what bumps in your life that will deserve an emotional response play a huge role in your happiness. Being upset for even a minute about something small like dropping a cup of water when you could respond by laughing at yourself and cleaning up the mess are major steps to a happier life. I have reacted in anger to silly things throughout my whole life and it isn’t worth it. I now know that if I would just laugh instead of yell at my own forgetfulness life is a much happier trail to walk down. I had to leave the comfort of my hometown and the job I had for years to live in a city that I’ve fallen in love with to learn this lesson. Mistakes happen everyday. Last year I left my 40 hour a week job at a bank to pursue a life that I would feel happy with. There were months of uncertainty but during those months that I was unemployed I started this blog and dedicated myself to making things. Risk = Reward(Unless its the, “Go to the beach and not wear any sunscreen when you know you burn” type of risk). I had patience and determination to find a different job that I would love, and it wasn’t easy. Now I have a job in photography that I love and I work with an amazing team of artists.

My 20’s were for exploration, getting wiser and settling into my own skin. My 30’s are going to RULE. Being wiser has its benefits.


Weekend Adventure Roundup!

This weekend was a last minute run around type of weekend. I had lots of last minute shopping to do and it’s finals week for Cody, so we both had plenty to get done.

Here’s a few random images I captured while we were running around.DSCF0055

These robots were at a gallery that we visited. I ended up buying a print and doing a little DIY on the frame, which I’ll post later.DSCF0069

We drove around in Lucy this weekend toting around Cody’s bike to shoot some finals homework.DSCF0054

Lucy overlooking the avenues in San Francisco. This spot is literally right behind our house, you just walk up some stairs to the top and there’s a panoramic view of the entire bay area on a clear day. Everyone calls it the ‘Knuckle’ I have no idea what this park is actually called.DSCF0056

If you are ever in the outer sunset, trouble coffee stickers can be found everywhere. If you are a coffee drinker, I hear they’ve got good stuff. (Seen on 46th and Irving.)

Hope everyone had a good weekend 🙂


Film scan extravaganza!

I found old film scans from a roadtrip in 2010 and I was pretty excited to see them so I thought I would share them here. This was a trip during our spring break. Myself and a group of photographers went out and explored the Pyramid Lake and Black Rock Desert areas.roadtrip20 roadtrip10 roadtrip6 roadtrip4 roadtrip3 roadtrip1 Img001

I shot stuff with my 50D while on this trip too, and its really crazy the contrast in gritty film to digital capture. I still love film, I can’t give it up.