Weekend Snaps

Who doesn’t love a long weekend?! Here are some pictures of how I spent my long weekend 🙂Uhaul with snakes

We helped my boss and his wife move into their new home on Saturday. Check out our Uhaul with snakes on it. DSCF2070It turns out that I am not very helpful when moving, but I did direct pretty well. I think I should start weight lifting so I can help lift heavy furniture next time.DSCF2082

I checked out San Francisco Zine Fest on Saturday, I had no idea what to expect.San Francisco Zine Fest

I picked up a few Zines and cards while I was there. I haven’t finished reading through them but I’ll add a review if anyone is curious about them. DSCF2092

We stopped in Petsmart and Cody had fun saying hello to all the cats. I could never own a cat, but there are cute sometimesDSCF2097

I thought I would close this with Duke looking majestic as usual. Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.


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