DIY Shoes & Baking

I like to take advantage of time when I am home and working on things, so usually I have several things going on at once. There is ALWAYS a TV show(lately I have been catching up on House) or a Radio Show(This American Life ALWAYS) Playing in the background. But why not listen to a radio show, make a fun new DIY AND Bake something? All those wasted minutes while a treat is baking in the oven can surely be used for some quality handcrafting time, right?! Well These pictures sum up how I used my time.DSCF1676__1 DSCF1678_1

I made Gluten Free Rice Krispie & Chocolate Chex Marshmallow Treats using Dandies, my favorite Vegan marshmallow. Here is the recipe I used from Fettle Vegan. Instead I did 2 cups rice Krispie’s and 3 cups Chocolate Chex.DSCF1679_1I also made my favorite Gluten Free/Vegan Pumpkin Pie Recipe that never ceases to amaze me. I really like to slice it in thin bread-like slices and warm it with a little agave or butter on top….Yum! I also made a new pair of shoes using a pair of white sneakers, acrylic paint and a paint pen, it was time consuming but totally fun.DSCF1687_1I got the white sneakers at Target and they have elastic in them so you don’t need to have laces in them!DSCF1692_1 Happy Friday!



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