Inspired By …Linocut Prints


A while back I went to a gallery in the outer sunset and the artists who ran the studio did a lot of really amazing Lino Prints. While I was studying at art school I saw lots of different printing processes and have always been fascinated with them.  Lino Printing is a process using a linoleum(hence “lino”) plate and you carve out an image or design; then roll ink over it and press the carved image onto another surface. After seeing all of the amazing images at 3 fish studios I was inspired to go buy a linoleum block and some carving tools from our local art store and starting searching around the internet for more inspiration.

Linocut at 3 frish studio san francisco CAThis Linocut is so amazing from 3 Fish Studios in San Francisco. It will take so much training to even get close to this!

Linocut_pablo_picassoThis Linocut made by Pablo Picasso in 1962 is Amazing. Michalina MalolepszaA lot of contemporary artists are doing some pretty awesome things as well. This piece is from Gallery Pepper  I also looked at THIS book series of original linocuts that is really impressive.Lebuk 10

Anyway, I hope I’ll be able to show something cool after I have chiseled away at my lino block.


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