Maker Faire 2014 and oh, Hi!


Oh, Hi, How ya doin? I’ve been a little MIA lately, I know, I know. Sorry!! But I’m back! I went to Maker Faire 2014 this weekend, and you know what? It REALLY is the the greatest show and tell on earth! Don’t know what Maker Faire is? Yea, I didn’t really know either, in fact, I am still a little unsure! Basically if you make something and its a really cool thing that you make, you can come to Maker Faire and show it off! There was every kind of handmade/innovative thing there. Cue the pictures!Maker Faire Robot

This is the Maker Faire Robot, he’s the friendly mascot and you’ll see him everywhere, say Hello to the Robot, be his friend, it’s worth it.sphoto 1What have we here… a band playing and the fate of the electricity depends on these children riding bicycles?! WOAH. rphoto 5 rphoto 43D printers were a pretty big thing at the Maker Faire, I will admit they are pretty awesome. qphoto 5 sphoto 5If you have been to Burning Man or if you’ve seen pictures then I think you will recognize a lot of the people movers out and about.rphoto 1 rphoto 2Tapigami … Pretty insane right? There was a whole corner of one of the expo buildings with a crazy landscape made all from TAPE. ophoto 3 ophoto 4 nphoto 4 nphoto 3

“See your success through the lens of your life and project what you need to do to develop true vision. (sorry for the puns!)” Thank you Psychic Typist!! nphoto 2 nphoto 1

sphoto 4 qphoto 2

This was my first time attending Maker Faire, and I have to say it was pretty great! When I first walked in I was a little overwhelmed, there was a safety wristband line, which I got but I didn’t really know why I needed it. As I walked through the faire I saw lots of activities that you could do like rock polishing, learn to solder, play with live Bees and for all of these you needed to have a safety wristband. What I didn’t know was the faire is really about getting to actively participate and make things. There was a tent with people sewing, screen printing and making other fabric based things. There were hands-on activities all throughout every department. Added to all of these things to do there were SO many cools things to check out! I was super excited to go and next year I think I’ll be more prepared and actually look at all of the interactive things to do and do more activities. What a fun way to spend the day!


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