Happiness From This Week

This last week has been very very crazy(more at work than at home). I am in my 5th week of riding my brand new Christmas Bike to work:Public Bikes

This picture was snapped on our way home and we stopped to grab some dinner. Daylight savings happened this week and the Morning sunrise bike rides to work have been pretty amazing. Equally amazing is riding home in the evening and it is still light outside. I will admit, I have been pretty sore at the end of the day, but I’m trying to fight through it because riding is so fun! Even on the way home when the whole ride is uphill and my legs want to give out or I laugh so hard when I can’t get off my bike at the end of our ride, I still WANT to ride. It’s been super fun.

This week I also started looking at Art history, specifically painting, and have been really inspired by Baroque Still Life Paintings. For example, this painting entitled, “Vanitas(1640)” by Dutch Golden Age painter; Harmen Steewijck:harmen steewijck

I’ve found that I really love researching and learning new things, I’ve started a new series Inspired by this piece and others in the Baroque period. I’m really enjoying not being in school and feeling rushed to finish a series by the end of a semester.

After over 2 years of living in the Inner Sunset, we just discovered the hidden garden steps:DSCF0714

And it’s only a few blocks from our house! How did we miss this thing, it’s so pretty!

And last, but not least, We rode our bikes to this amazing view in the sunset:DSCF0688

I have to say, I really really do love San Francisco. When we leave to drive across the US in the Westfalia, I am going to try to hold on to all the memories from this place.


One thought on “Happiness From This Week

  1. Not to worry! The Hidden Garden Steps formally opened in December 2013. Glad you found them so quickly. Hope you and others will join community volunteers from 1-3 pm on the second Saturday of each month to help with clean-up and gardening, and to enjoy the company of those who love what has been accomplished on 16th Avenue between Kirkham and Lawton streets : http://hifdengardensteps.org.

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