Renter Friendly Ideas: Spice Rack

I live in a little apartment in a big city and I love it, but man it’s been hard to get all the storage I need. I shared how I made my own Rolling Kitchen Island and how to use contact paper around the house to cover ugly rental cabinets. Today, I want to talk about my totally awesome spice rack that goes over the top of the back of my stove. My apartment came with a tiny little oven and range as well as a small refrigerator. The stove has definitely seen better days, but I am lucky enough to have a few power tools to put something together out of an old cedar fence post. DIY spice rack

I have quite a spice collection and they were taking up far too much space in the cabinet, so with one fence post, my boyfriend put together this spice rack following my spec’s. I would have loved a little ledge around the front(I’m afraid my spices will fall on the stove) but so far this hasn’t been an issue at all. Obviously everyone’s stove is a little different so this design might have to change depending on your stove, this design can also work great for the countertop, just leave off the bottom half that sits on top of our stove.DSCF0667

Ours is super rustic and unfinished, if you wanted to sand yours down and add some stain, I think that would look amazing in a new kitchen, unfortunately our kitchen is super old so I think this fits in with the kitchen we have. DSCF0666


I’m pretty happy with out the spice rack turned out, and it finally freed up valuable space in the cabinet for my plates and bowls.


Also are you seeing what I have to work with for the stove?!?! That’s how the thing looked when we moved in, and I have been on the lookout for some way to change the appearance of the range, but haven’t found anything yet, I was thinking about making the wood piece from the spice rack cover the whole front/top so that it just covers up the stove part that is falling apart. I’m still a little worried about the fire safety of doing something like this. Anyone have any ideas of how to cover or spruce up the stove/oven? I am taking suggestions!



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