Valentine’s Day

DSCF0579Cody and I aren’t crazy about Valentine’s day. My poor boyfriend get’s hit with Christmas, my birthday, our anniversary and then Valentine’s Day. By the time Valentine’s Day comes around I feel like I should spoil him with something. But he always comes through with my favorite flowers, Gerber Daisies. When I used to work at the bank, he would bring in these crazy and amazing flower arrangements that would make all the ladies in the office swoon. Now that I work at a studio, I just get to enjoy them sitting on my desk and look at them to brighten my day. He knows he doesn’t have to get me flowers, but they brighten up my desk so I enjoy them. We bought some Candy hearts earlier in the week to keep at the studio in a little candy bowl and I was so disappointed! The candy hearts look like MS DOS (for those of you who remember that) typed out text on them, what is the candy heart world coming to these days!?DSCF0589Happy Valentine’s Day


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