Renter-Friendly Ideas: Shelving Paper

I have been living in San Francisco for 6 years. Owning your own home is like winning the lottery here, the majority of people living in the city just don’t buy. After living here and seeing a lot of do it yourself changes made by people along the way I’ve found quite a tricks to make living in an apartment better and ways to decorate and organize in a small space. The thing with living in San Francisco, you’re lucky if you find an apartment to rent and then even more lucky if you get chosen by the landlord to move in. People show up to these open houses with a year’s worth of rent or CASH in their pockets to try and snag some of these places. So when we found a place we grabbed it, then worried about the lack of storage, no kitchen and chilly single pane windows after we moved in.You just have to work with what you can get in this city. Our place doesn’t have an amazing bay window (I REALLY WANT ONE) or hardwood floors but I’ve attempted to make it as homey as I can. I decided to do a little series on Renter Friendly Tips and Tricks that I’ve learned, because a few of them a pretty good!

The most simple trick that has the biggest impact is shelving paper.

The world of contact and shelving paper has come a LONG way in the last few years. If you look online there are website specifically dedicated to shelving paper designs and you can find any color you are looking for.DSCF0535

There are a couple places that I recently put down shelving paper out of mere convenience. I don’t like cleaning the top of my fridge or the top of my stove hood, who does? The last time I climbed up on a chair to do my normal cleaning I decided to cover both with shelving paper. Most people can’t see up there and even if they did they would just find cute shelving paper. It comes off completely clean and best part it, it keeps the top of those surfaces clean, so I don’t have to worry about not get my security deposit back and next time I go up there to clean, I can wipe down the surface OR replace with a new piece. My plan is to just wipe it down and then safely remove it when I move out which gives me confidence in getting my security deposit back.(Landlords love a clean place when their tenants move out). People have been using shelving paper on just about everything lately. One the front of refrigerators and even the walls. DSCF0527

See my cute little spice rack?! I’ll talk about that in another post 🙂 With only a few cupboards to store our items, using every surface to make things functional became very important when we moved in.DSCF0533The top of the cabinets hold bottles of wine and other items that we don’t need very often as well as a few items that we couldn’t get rid of. (who would want to get rid of that sweet Star Wars lunch box?!) I also covered our cabinets with Shelving paper. They are falling apart, there is peeling happening on all edges of the doors and there are some spots that our landlord used tape to just keep the laminate together. The shelving paper was an easy fix. I haven’t finished covering the bottom half yet, but I think it looks pretty good so far. Still deciding if the solid grey looks good or not?

I’ll talk about the hanging rack for pots and pans, the wooden spice rack, Our IKEA hack kitchen Island and a few other projects.


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