Valentines Day is for Bakers

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’ve also been trying to practice baking, so I married the two and made adorable little cakes for the holiday. I really cheated because I can’t decorate cakes very well AT ALL (as you will see in the upcoming images) but my secret was using cake molds that made beautiful little cakes.DSCF0517

Any non-stick cake mold will work for this purpose, I got really lucky and found a very cute (and heavy!) cake mold that had really intricate details on it. It’s really important to use a more dense cake for this; usually ‘Bundt cake’ is used for these types of molds because they are denser and show the molds details better. I used two different types of cake mix, one white cake and a chocolate cake mix. Technically I should have used a bundt cake mix for this but I couldn’t find a gluten free mix over the weekend so I used ‘Wholesome Chow Vanilla Cake Mix’ and ‘Pamela’s Chocolate Cake Mix.’ Both mixes are Gluten Free and Dairy Free! DSCF0486Right away I could tell which cake was going to turn out better in my mold. The Vanilla Cake mix was much denser and more like thick jelly than cake mix. This will make a much denser cake; the instructions say that you can add more milk until it becomes more pourable. I added a little milk but kept it on the thick side because I knew I wanted to get more details from my mold.DSCF0480

In the past when I have worked with GF cake mixes they don’t usually rise very much so I filled my molds to the top. It was quite a surprise when I took them out and they were like muffins coming out of the top! If you aren’t sure weather your cake will rise or not, you can fill it to the top and just cut the muffin top off each of the cakes.DSCF0487Now this is where having a non-stick mold will come in handy. I let the mold cool COMPLETELY, I’m talking 6 hours to cool. I baked these in the morning then left them for the afternoon to just cool off. It’s important to let the mold cool completely or else you may not get a pretty decorative cake when you take them out.DSCF0488As I had originally thought, the Chocolate cakes were more fluffy and didn’t show the molds as well as the vanilla cake. If you aren’t decorating the cakes with any frosting then you will want to choose a cake that is thicker. But I had plans to decorate my cakes. Which just turned into a crazy mess! I started out trying to be very detailed, but cake decorating is hard! After countless mess ups, I just went crazy and threw frosting on where ever I could. It was pretty fun, this would be a great project with children or friends.DSCF0513 DSCF0517 DSCF0520 DSCF0522If you do pull out your cakes a little early while they are still warm, wait to decorate them until the cake has cooled completely. The frosting will just turn into a melted mess. After you are done decorating you can package them up to give to friends, or your Valentine. My Valentine took a chocolate one, added another large heap of frosting and ate it gleefully that afternoon. Something about sugar that just makes the day better 🙂

I also made Mini Pumpkin Pies, which I’ll share tomorrow.


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