Vegetarian Gluten Free Holiday Feast: Sweet Potato Biscuits

gluten free sweet potato biscuit

Photo By: Cody Rundall

Gluten Free baking and I haven’t quite become best friends yet. It seems that I win some and I lose some. These were right in between. I KNOW they can be delicious, I just feel like I’ve messed something up with the recipe. That being the buttermilk, I’m sure of it. I got the orginal recipe off Bon Appetit  I can’t have diary so I tried to make buttermilk by using soy, vinegar and lemon juice. It didn’t really turn out exactly as it was supposed to. I think the really important thing to remember also is the ORDER that is listed on the recipe. I am trying these again and I will post my finding. right out of the oven and warm these were great, they become more of a crispy biscuit once they have cooled and that was my only complaint. I feel like its important to show that everyone messes up recipes and we are all constantly learning new things and its ok to talk about our mistakes, because who knows? Maybe someone will want to make this recipe and remember that I had some trouble with it and be extra careful.

I am also really excited because a food stylist is currently perfecting a gluten free pie crust recipe and yesterday she said she would share it with me! This means I can hopefully make my own pie crusts for future pies. WOOT!

I’m really excited for Thanksgiving! I am starting to really think about what I am thankful for and appreciate all the amazing life that is around me. I really love this time of year because it always give me the time to focus on what amazing people are in my life and live my life fully and happily.

Stay Tuned for more Recipes(and mistakes!).


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