Living in San Francisco means…

asking when’s the next BIG ONE?!

I just saw this really fun post from the Bold Italic about living in San Francisco called: Living in SF Means… (Sorry for the bad words in the article) I also just experienced some relatives in the Midwest go through a tornado. It made me think, is it normal for me to think about earthquakes ALL THE DANG TIME? I’ve made my boyfriend agree on a meeting place for both of us in the event of an earthquake, I have a few extra gallon bottles of water saved at the house, and I’ve still neglected to get an emergency kit together.

PROCRASTINATION, I’m really good at it.

Earthquakes are a big deal (and also NOT a big deal)here, mostly because all the experts say we are due for a big one, and if any of you experienced the 89′ quake then you know what I’m talkin’ bout. We get little ones pretty often and they don’t really bother people too much, does anyone remember like a year and a half ago when we had two 3 pointers in one day?!?! That was weird!

Ok anyway, not sure why I got so distracted about earthquakes have a great rest of your day


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