Vegetarian Gluten Free Holiday Feast

gluten free vegetarin stuffing  gluten free holiday gluten free holiday gluten free shepards pie
This weekend I got to have a ton of fun in the studio cooking and photographing a trial run of things I wanted to cook for Thanksgiving this year. I pretended to be an art director, prop stylist, and food stylist and my boyfriend shot the photography. It was a collaboration that turned out to be a really fun Saturday. I’m only 5 months into my new eating adventure and have come to the point where I need to learn how to cook and bake again. The last month has been filled with me testing out a lot of different recipes on my boyfriend who had become very blunt about my cooking after a week of failed attempts. I finally got some good recipes perfected for our holiday meal that I am stoked about!

The first lesson I learned is trying to substitute too many things can really really complicate things when you are baking. There is a certain chemistry that happens with baking and things can turn out badly, especially with gluten free baking. One of those things is pie crust, if done improperly it can become a broken mess and not bond together well at all. I actually haven’t quite got it down so I am giving myself until Christmas to try that one. The recipes I did come up with for Thanksgiving this year are good and savory and it feels like you aren’t missing out on anything from the main feast. For the next week I’ll share what I made and the pretty photos that we took while making all these recipes.

Stay Tuned!


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