Mt Tam Nature Concert


My friend was invited to a concert on Mt Tam, just off a hiking trail. She had directions that she had printed out that explained what to look for on the trail. It was off the main trail, through lots of grass and behind trees. It was supposed to go until sunset and we were SO SO late. We were driving back from camping for the weekend and just didn’t time out our day well enough, but once we started making it toward the hiking trail there was no point in stopping. We were unsure if the concert was still going but after we had been hiking for awhile and turned off the main path we heard the soft hum of music behind a grove of trees.

mt-tam-trail-sunsetThere was warm light all over the grass, and the fog rolling in over the ocean. It was amazing

We made it in time to hear the last song and sit with everyone who attended to watch the sun set over the ocean.

It was a pretty amazing experience and I can say it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The hike back in the dark was interesting, especially since someone thought they saw a mountain lion roaming close to the trail.

We made it back to the van safely and made our way home, feeling the warm glow of the sun on my skin.

It was an great weekend.

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