Dahlia Farm in Oregon

dahlia canby oregon

I’d never really been too interested in flowers, but when I went to the Dahlia Farm it was beyond “just flowers.” Swan Island Dahlia’s in Canby Oregon is a very intense color theory lesson. On the day we went there was some large clouds rolling over after rain and the light was great for picture taking. With the cloud cover the light wasn’t super contrasty for photos. Understanding light is something that gets drilled into your brain in school. So I went a little picture crazy after seeing the beautiful light I was getting. Got some super touristy flower pictures.Dahlia-Farm-Canby-OregonThis is an image that was taken of me, but man the colors turned out so weird, I think the little point and shoot camera couldn’t handle all the colors.dahlia-oregon-farm-7 The mess behind the beauty.

dahlia-oregon-farm-6dahlia-farm-oregon-8The flowers were in bloom and looked beautiful. If you want to plant some Dahlia’s at home, they give you a little pamphlet and you put down the names of your favorite flowers. You can order them but they won’t come until the spring after they have taken all the bulbs from these flowers up and out to ship out. Pretty interesting that the flowers that were growing are going to be their product once the season ends.dahlia-oregon-farm-4


This stop was certainly worth it.


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