San Francisco Summer is here

For anyone who lives in San Francisco, you know about our micro climates. The constant change of sun in the Financial District to cold fog in the sunset is something that most people who live here are prepared for everyday. It BAFFLES tourists when they come, most come with summer shorts and tank tops only to be greeted by clouds and wind in June. There are others who come in mid September or October wearing jackets and boots and are shocked to see 80 degree weather. San Francisco just likes to be silly like the weather sometimes. We recently had a nice big rainstorm which seems to have signaled the end of our San Francisco summer (lots of clouds, wind and cold weather) and welcomed in the sun for the warm fall that we usually get.

For anyone planning to travel to San Francisco, September and October can often times be beautiful which can work in your favor as these aren’t peak times for travelers.

westfalia vanagonHere is our lovely Westy Lucy handling the rain quite well. It was the first time in the season we finally saw the gutters flow with water. It washed a lot of street funk off which was super nice(it can get smelly in some places). We drove out of San Fran for a few hours to the southeast and were welcomed by warm central valley heat.



Goats wanted to welcome us to the nice weather. We also saw a tarantula crossing the road, we immediately stopped and marveled from a distance, so creepy!westfalia-van-puppy

And there is Lucy nestled next to a MUCH bigger RV that belongs to my parents. That adorable little pup is my parents dog Brodie (who I named when I was 18 and obsessed with the Distillers). As you can see the ground is a little wet. The rain followed us out of the Bay Area; when we arrived everyone said we brought the rain with us. Oops.



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