Newport Beach Oregon

Newport Beach OregonThe sand on the beaches in Oregon is moist and stays out of shoes. The weather was really good the whole week that I was in Oregon, warm with a cool breeze. There was a lot of driving from place to place and I felt a little tired but coming to the beach for a few hours was a really great break from all the constant driving from one location to the next. I love being in another place, there’s always a sense of adventure. Like this stop for the beach wasn’t our destination but we saw it and had to go enjoy the weather.Newport Beach Oregon Kite

The day was warm, and kite flying was our main activity.newport beach oregon

newport beach oregon newport beach oregon

Yaquina lighthouse on the end of the peninsula gave a nice view of passing whales in the distance. The flies at this lighthouse were a little crazy, they were flying all over everyone! I thought I got bit a few times too. A lot of people were running around or swatting at the air to keep them at bay. The lighthouse wasn’t open to walk inside when we went, but there are nice views around the outside. We laughed as we ran to the car trying to get them all off before we got in, what craziness!

More on my trip to Oregon soon!


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