Rose & Japanese Gardens in Portland

rose gardenPortland’s Rose garden is often times at the top of tourists lists. Just about any day of the week you chose to visit there will be crowds. I’m not particularly into roses but always find something fun to check out while I’m at the garden. I love seeing puppies while I am there and petting every dog I see. In general I’ve also had great experience with the workers on each of my visits. They are always happy to talk about what they are doing and will point out where the oldest roses in the garden are planted.

rose gardenThe Portland International Rose Test Garden is known for it’s variety of hybrid flowers. Many have stripes of different colors a variety that I’ve never seen.

japanese garden portlandThe Zen gardens were very tranquil looking. I wish I could put video up and pan to the outer perimeter, there were 30 or 40 tourists standing and looking at these gardens. I really love the waterfalls, koi ponds and walking paths in the garden but it was very crowded.

japanese garden portland

japanese garden portland

Portland Japanese Garden

More of my Oregon trip to come


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