Ashland’s Emigrant Lake

emigrant lake oregonPulling up midday in Ashland we drove out to do some exploring before residing in our campsite. Emigrant Lake was only a few miles drive. We arrived hoping for a nice spot under some trees. Much of the landscape surrounding the lake was dead grass and crickets chirped loudly. We spotted a spillway on one end of the lake that my boyfriend happily skated for a while.emigrant lake cemetaryWe explored an old cemetery covered in dead brush and old tombstones. glenyan-campground

After feeling we had defeated all the lake had to offer we left the lake. Upon pulling in to our final destination for the evening we were both relieved to see lush trees and a duck pond to welcome us. glenyan campground oregonIt only took us a few moments to pull in, pop the top and explore the campground. We played pool, arcade games and basketball at the Glenyan Campground. glenyan-campground-oregon-2


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