San Francisco to Portland



Lucy ran like a dream on the route up to Portland. We took the i-5 the whole way up and divided the drive into two days so we could take our time. avocado spinach hummusWe stopped in Dunsmuir, CA for lunch. Best feeling in the world pulling off to a park and opening up the sliding door and making sandwiches on the table in the back. My favorite adventuring snack is Gluten Free bread, hummus, spinach and peppered avocado.canyonville-oregonWe stopped and looked in an antique shop there.canyonville-oregon canyonville-oregon

While roaming the store we asked an old man what town we were in he told us we were in Canyonville, Oregon, “You youngsters learned about this in elementary school. You are in the third oldest city in Oregon, do you know the oldest? You should remember from the learning about the Oregon Trail.” We both felt reminiscent of Oregon Trail the game.

He told us proudly, “Oregon City is the oldest city in Oregon. It’s the end of the Oregon Trail.”




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