Utah’s Paria Slot Canyon: Day Hike

paria slot canyon utah

The last time I drove out on a 7 day road trip to Utah, the canyons in Utah were my main destination. I wanted to explore the canyons and search for a good place to come back and do a backpacking trip.

Paria Canyon has many slot canyons and while we just did a day hike it can also can be done as a multi-day backpacking trip. When we were here we went to the Wire Pass trailhead and hiked in to get a taste of the canyons. It was amazing. It made me feel so small surrounded by gigantic rock formations. The trail is an easy level walk on sandy ground. At some points the canyon walls come close together and I had to turn sidewards to make it through. I loved this adventure.paria canyon utah paria canyon utah paria canyon utah paria canyon utah

That night we camped at Stateline Campground. utah-stateline-campground

Hopefully some time next year we will get back over to Utah to backpack. So stoked to do this hike, the slot canyons are amazing.


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