Snack Attack! Gluten Free Crackers

If you are just starting your gluten free journey, trying to assimilate can be tough. I started to have cravings for all the things that I couldn’t have. Still early on in my gluten free journey, I am drawn to foods that make me feel like I’m eating the same as before. I’ve been baking a bunch… I’ve been LESS than happy about most of the things I’ve attempted to bake, but when I do find something that tastes amazing, I will let you all know.

gluten free crakcers glutinoI recently tried Glutino’s crackers, and I have to say this. These are the best GF crackers I’ve had so far, so I’ve got to give them my approval. However, they are a little dry and expensive… In the box you get two small bags of crackers and I paid around $8 for them. When all the other boxes of crackers are around 4 or 5 dollars, gluten free snacks can really add up.

For me, having something that I can eat on the go is really important which is why I’m willing to spend the extra money on these knowing that while I’m working, camping or on the road I’ve got a snack to eat.

My recommendation: add something to these, they are tasty, they just need something to make them less dry. I almost always eat crackers with hummus, so I don’t mind that they are a little dry, the hummus makes them a perfect snack.

This is not a sponsored post, I just want to spread the word about awesome companies like Glutino who are dedicated to making my gluten free life style a whole lot easier.


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