The Honda vs The Westfalia

For the last 10 years I’ve owned a beat up Honda Accord, and this is what I’ve done the majority of my road trips in. I get all the camping gear packed into it and I drive around with a few friends and camp and shoot photos. My Honda is affectionately named Gretchen. I named her after my grandma’s best friend. Why? My grandma’s best friend was in her late nineties when she passed away and was still wearing heels, big hair updo’s and red lipstick. I feel that my car is beat up and has literally had pieces of her fly off while driving on the freeway, but she’s got spunk. (My dad wasn’t too happy about me bringing a giant piece of the car home and asking him to reattach it after my girlfriends and I had failed with zebra print duct tape, not one of my shining moments.) Anyway, Gretch is adventurous, full of life, and she’s accord 1997

For those of you who know Gretchen you can see that this is her good side, literally, she has a green door and black fender on the other side from a previous owner. Gretchen is still in great running condition at 260,000 miles. I take her in regularly to get her oil changed and it also helps that my dad is a complete car genius and has instilled in me to keep up with the PM (periodic maintenance).

After over two years of my boyfriend and I doing the whole pack and unpack of Gretchen, he got his heart set on buying a Westfalia. His mom says he has wanted one since he was 15. The previous owner had named her Lucy, we both liked the name so we kept it.westfalia vanagan 1983 It’s always fun when I run into friends and they ask, “How’s Gretchen and Lucy?” They are a part of the Family.Westfalia Vanagan 1983

I couldn’t be more happy about the new family member, she is fitting right in. The Westfalia is our primary roadtrip vehicle now. I’m going to talk about my experience so far owning a Westy and the Pros and Cons.

Lucy entered our life at a perfect time because we are planning a tour of the U.S. in the Westfalia after my boyfriend graduates (he is also studying photography). A trip that we both are hoping will last a year or more. I have been planning a trip of the United States for YEARS. In the coming months I’ll show the progress of the route as well as get some insight into great places to visit around the U.S.

Happy Monday!


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