Hiking to Alamere Falls

I love a hike with a reward at the end. The hike to Alamere Falls is one of those trails. The drive out to the trailhead is unpaved for the last 1.5 miles. I actually ended up getting a flat tire from a large screw piercing my tire, luckily it didn’t go flat until later in the day after I had driven back to San Francisco.

The trail goes along the coast line and turns away from the coast and passes Bass Lake. On a sunny day you can see a number of people swimming and riding a rope swing into the lake. Bass Lake is a popular stop because of its great swimming and rope swing. Dropping by here will be a much warmer swim then the ocean. You’ll pass a second lake and then a half mile after that you will come to the falls. They fall across several cliffs and down into the ocean.


You can make your way down to the beach but the trail is crumbling with loose rocks. It looks like it is going to continue to get worse with erosion and time.


The falls from the bottom are really beautiful.


Had so much fun hiking to the falls.


Tip: Wear layers when hiking this trail, the coastal winds can get very strong on some days.



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