Braided Rug DIY


I saw this post on A Beautiful Mess about making your own handmade rug. First, let me just say, this DIY isn’t for the faint of heart, it took a REALLY LONG TIME! I knew there would be lots of braiding so I had an Arrested Development marathon and got to braiding. I didn’t do all the braiding for the rug in one sitting, I spread it out over the course of a few days. Making the braids was easy during a TV watching marathon and pretty fun. Just be prepared to spend some time working on it.

braided_rug_DIYI selected some fabrics to use and cut them all into long strips. I purchased some very sturdy grey canvas to use for the bottom of the rug. I cut it to size and then made the braids to that length. After I finished making enough braids to cover the canvas I realized that I had made a few in varied lengths. So before I glued them to the canvas, I hand sewed one side of the braids and then glued them to the canvas. I did the gluing outside as the adhesive was very smelly. It took about 4 hours to dry.


braided_rug_DIY  braided rug DIYMy stitches to attach the braids were not very even… but they got the job done!

braided rug DIYOnce I had the braids all glued I sewed down the braids to hold them to the canvas. Then I cut the braids evenly.

Braided rug craftsOnce all the braids were cut to even lengths on the ends I un-braided them down to the stitches.

I’ve had the rug in my kitchen for a month now and it’s holding on strong!

This rug is in my kitchen with good company: my IKEA Hack Kitchen Island, my lovely homemade spice rack and my adorable pup

I really enjoy DIY’s that I can do during a TV marathon, but I always end up running out of shows to watch!


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