Adventuring to Knights Ferry

Central California has some pretty interesting little towns. Whenever I go for a drive I tend to make a lot of mini pit stops to shoot pictures. While driving out to Knights Ferry for the day I stopped and shot some old buildings. I really love historic landmarks and abandoned places, there’s such a rich history to discover.old church

This church was in fairly good condition, so it may still be used. It was out on the end of a dirt road and had an old cemetery surrounding it.



My favorite part of going places is the drive there.


2 thoughts on “Adventuring to Knights Ferry

  1. If you have not been to the town of Locke, it is well worth the trip. Just getting there is a ‘trip’. The Delta area is like a giant slice of the Louisiana bayou secretly dropped into California. Towns like Isleton have crawfish festivals and Walnut Grove is like a sleepy southern little berg. Lock itself was built for Chinese immirgrants in the 19th century and it really looks it too. It is a neat place. It is also home of the infamous steak house Al The Wop’s, but obviously that may not be something that interests you…

    • I’ve been to Locke many times! I agree, it is one of those unique little towns that I love checking out. My mom has driven to the Locke meat market since I was a child, she loves their sausage and brats! I’ve missed Isleton, but I’m going to look into it.

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