Road Trip / Camping: What to Pack

Packing for a trip can be very stressful. Over the years I’ve learned a few tips that have helped me and I hope they will help you too!

Food: I’ll talk about this first because I figured out a pretty awesome tip after a couple trips on the road. Don’t bring food. That might be an exaggeration but I’m being pretty serious. While on the road I purchase food at the last town before we drive out into the wilderness to camp.

It’s probably not going to be the healthiest stuff to eat… but you can always find a grocery store and pick up some more healthy things too. You just have to be aware while driving when the last market will be and stop. I use my google maps while on the road to find supermarkets. The easiest foods to find at little markets have always been cans of beans, tortillas and maybe some sort of rice mix. When I have been traveling all day, any meal that is hot hits the spot for me.

I’m Also Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Vegetarian which I will talk about in another post.

I bring an almost empty ice chest. Usually I have the first days food and snacks planned out and in the car. Honestly, It’s a waste of space to try and pack 2 weeks worth of food in a car, especially if you don’t have very much room!!

Gear/Supplies: Aside from the usual Tent and sleeping bags; I keep a large plastic bin that fits a campstove in the bottom of it perfectly. This is always packed with our essentials with some room to add last minute things before we leave. The bin makes packing and unpacking quick and easy and has saved so much hassle on the road. I unpacked our bin to show you.roadtrip packing

This makes packing for a trip a breeze. knowing that we have the essentials in the bins helps out so much.

Here is a list of what is in the picture:

  • 1 small pot and 1 small pan
  • Campstove
  • Fuel for the campstove
  • Small Lantern
  • Small and large hand warmers (I get cold very easily!)
  • 50 SPF face moisturizer (make sure to replace this seasonally)
  • Fire Starters
  • Small container of soap (for dishes/hands/any cleaning)
  • spatulas/spoons/cooking utensils
  • paper plates
  • small towel
  • Foil
  • Off insect repellent
  • trash bags
  • paper towels
  • Lighter

There are some things that are added to the bin before we leave. Like

  • eating utensils
  • I always bring a headlamp for walking around in the dark
  • baby wipes for everything (dishes, face, body, EVERYTHING!).
  • Depending on what type of meals I have planned I sometimes throw in another pot or pan.
  • I also add a can opener
  • hatchet
  • a mug (I have one that I’ve marked with measurements for cups and oz. I use the cup to measure and eat/drink out of.)
  • A knife

One easy way to make sure your bin is always packed is to leave a list of things that you would typically add to your camping gear taped to the inside of the lid, that way when you are getting ready to leave again, you’ll be less likely to forget something.

Hopefully you find some good ideas for packing 🙂



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