Chambray custom shirt


There’s probably been 1,000’s of chambray shirt re-do’s… so why not add 1,001?!

I really like the finished product, and it was pretty simple.

I purchased the fabric at the flea market and the shirt at Target.chambray shirt embroidered fabricThe material had a few embroidered designs on it so I just chose the flowers and cut out a strip bigger than the back panel piece that I wanted to attach to. Getting the material to fit right on that area was a little tricky. My advice is just pin it to the shirt and keep cutting away a little bit of the fabric at a time until you have it cut out about an inch to half inch bigger all around. I also used a disappearing ink pen to draw out the edges of the area. I later found out that because my disappearing ink pen is so old (probably 10 years?) the ink never disappeared, but it comes right out with a little water.

I used iron-on fusible web to attach the fabric to the shirt and then used my sewing machine to do a stitch around the edges.

Super simple.

chambray shirt diy


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